So in the last year, Third Man has come to Nashville and started throwing shows, changing the way people press vinyl, and giving Nashville an extra something to be proud of. And they do a good job of keeping it real interesting. They announced one of their latest mind-tricks today with news of a new Dead Weather release. It’s a new single being released in three different forms [a 7″ record [B-side “Jawbreaker [live], a 12” record [B-side “No Hassle Night”/”I Just Want to Make Love to You [live], and the Triple Decker Recordâ„¢] Yeesh. I mean, whatever, we’re not gonna try and explain it. You like your Oreo’s Double Stuft so maybe you’ll like your records Triple Decked? Just watch this:

We know what the secret unreleased song is. Talk about novelty. Reminds us of the thing Cass Records did not too long ago where they released a Dirtbombs 12″ and then later a Dritbombs 7″. The only catch was you had to send in a destroyed copy of the 12″ to get the 7″. Nerds. Just keeeeeding. There might be some more big news coming in the next few weeks from Nashville‘s Third Man Records. We’ll keep you posted.

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