You know, we really think that Fall and Winter are the real party times of the year. That’s when all the real partyers like to party. We also think that Fall and Winter rule because we get to bust out our leathers and flannels and jackets and blah blah blah. Local Honey knows this. And they’re giving Fall and Fashion and Rock ‘n Roll the royal treatment this weekend with their Fall Fashion Weekend Party. It’s a two day event [Saturday and Sunday] featuring new duds from all your favorite local seamstresses [Jamie & the Jones, WHITE RABBIT, Chaseash, Shannon Lea, Brouhaha, Ladybird, IO, Amy B, Pink Elephant, Alter Ego] and rock and roll from some of your favorite ’round town babes [Kiddo, D. Watusi, Tristen, Nite Nite, and Natural Child] Oh and it’s free. And Pizza Buds are gonna be there. And there’s gonna be some booze. Seriously, Local Honey, we though you guys just wanted to make us look good… Turns out you wanna do that and make all our dreams come true too. Fashionable rockers:


Saturday Day-to-Night show
:: Natural Child
:::: Nite Nite
:::::: Tristen
:::::::: D. Watusi
:::::::::: Kiddo
@ Local Honey
$FREE – All Ages – 2-9PM

:: DJ Wild Cub
:::: Rio
@ Local Honey
$FREE – All Ages – 6-10PM

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