For those who don’t know [which is probably most of you] Rangda is sort of a supergroup. Well, by all means, it is definitely a supergoup – we just don’t like referring to things as that. The band’s comprised of Richard Bishop [from Sun City Girls] Ben Chasny [from Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire] and Chris Corsano [played with the likes of Bjork, Sunburned Hand of The Man, etc.] The bad boys also just recently released a new album on Drag City. That alone should be the selling point, but the show’s also got The Diminshed Men [from Seattle] Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin [your hometown faves] and John Allingham. Go and check it out tonight its gonna be wild times at an art gallery! Here’s a weird video…

:: Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin
:::: Rangda
:::::: The Diminished Men
:::::::: John Allingham
@ Open Lot [1307 Jewell St.]
$10-15 – 8:30PM

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