School’s back in sesh and that means the weekends mean something again. The boys over at Glenn Danzig’s House know this, and they’re bringing a pretty sick party to cap off what’s probably most of the kiddies first full weeks of school. We talked about Bare Wires a good while ago, and mentioned that they’d be here on the 3rd, but we didn’t mention that they’d be a part of such a killer lineup [alongside Turbo Fruits, Cy Barkley, and Diarrhea Planet] This is one of Diarrhea Planet’s only all ages shows they’ve got going on right now, so all you kiddys oughtta come on out and get your kicks. YOU MIGHTA GONE TO THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS BUT I WENT TO THE SCHOOL OF HARD ROCKS AND IT’S PARTY TIME

Turbo Fruits – Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain [mp3]
Bare Wires – Seeking Love [mp3]
Cy Barkley – Blackout [mp3]
Diarrhea Planet – Ghost With a Boner! [mp3]

Friday September 3
:: Turbo Fruits
:::: Bare Wires
:::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::: Diarrhea Planet
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 7PM

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