It’s just an Australian kinda week, ya know? Actually, I’m gonna take this as an opportunity to figure something out… Let’s get personal real quick — I almost married an Australian girl a couple years ago so that she could obtain citizenship [Oy vey] but she told me that everyone in Australia goes nuts for those red SOLO cups [you know, the ones that come in like packs of 50 and are kegger go-tos] Is that true? Can anybody tell us? We’d really like to know because the bogus bros are heading down there pretty soon and we’d love to send them off with something that’s guaranteed to make the kiddies go wild. Anyways, back to Circle Pit. You’d probably never peg them as an Aussie band. But, like most things we like, you could probably peg them as a rock and roll band that’s got a sloppy demeanor. They’ve had a couple releases in the last bit [most notably 7″s with Sweet Rot/R.I.P. Society and their full length to be released on Siltbreeze] They’re about to head stateside for their first US tour, so be on the lookout for them. We don’t think they’re coming down to Nashville at all, but we might be working on something with them up in the New York styleee. Yayee yayee

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