Look at these cutie-pie Australian bad boys. They got the whole disheveled tough dude thing going on. You’d think it was just a put-on, but you’d be wrong! Aside from the obvious comparisons to their Aussie bretheren Birthday Party and Bird Blobs, the guys play some of the gnarliest brash-boy punk in the land of the dingo. Yeesh, how many stupid anecdotes can we throw in here about them being from Australia? Their moms are kangaroos. Their dads are Crocodile Dundee. Slinging guitars like boomerangs. Ummm… no rules just right — and rock n roll. Good? Good. Glad we got that out of the way. They released their LP last year on Stained Circles [arguably the best Aussie label – home to Brain Children, Deaf Wish, and releases of lots of US stuff like Jay Reatard and The Dirtbombs – we might be biased though] It’s called Down On the Meat, and it rules. Oh, and they recorded it in 7 hours.

Slug Guts – Backwater [mp3]

Scoop it.

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