Photo by Bekah Cope

Sometimes you hear bands and they say they’re from Nashville and it makes total sense and sometimes there are bands that say they’re from here but it doesn’t make any sense at all. Like Ttotals or The Looking Glass [we haven’t had enough time to really express how incredible we think that cassette they released is. Seriously. So good] Don’t get us wrong, we couldn’t be more stoked that they’re from Nashville. In fact, we think they’re one of Nashville’s best kept secrets [band-wise] They’ve got a new record coming out this weekend titled Drum Is Our Parent and things are sounding pretty killer. Ttotal blues space jams. Err.. not space jams, but you know. The bad boys are also going on a nice little “Ttour-cation” along the west coast. They told us they’re gonna be updating and blogging along the way —- so stay tuned here.

So go out to Open Lot on Saturday night and snag the new record. It’s magafik.

August 28
:: Ttotals
:::: Black Static
:::::: Sparkling Wild Pressure
:::::::: Cloudland Canyon
@ OpenLot
$TBA – All Ages – 8PM

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