IT’S HERE! IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! DANNY, the debut LP from our favorite rag-tag team of creamers, is available!! If you’re not stoked on that, you probably just don’t like fun or rock and roll. And if you don’t like either of those things, then you might wanna move to a different city — knowwhatimean?? Nashville’s saving rock and roll one band at a time, and Heavy Cream is undoubtedly one of the leaders. Their new video for “Watusi” says it all: leather jackets, back of trucks, smoke, ouija boards, and beers on the run….. And if you really wanna celebrate and do things right, hit up the release show tonight. We’re DJing alongside JEFF the B-hood and there’s gonna be booze and Heavy Cream and Those Darlins and dress like it’s the 70s and fuuuuun. Too stoned.

See you tonight, my dougies. It’s gonna be  a party.

:: Heavy Cream
:::: Those Darlins
:::::: DJ sets by NASHVILLE’S DEAD + JtB
@ 1008-C Woodland St.
$10 – All Ages – 9PM

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