Shhh, shhh….Put away your King of the Beach test pressing and gather ’round while I tell you about the most potent rock and roll band this side of the Golden Gate. If you’re someone worth caring about, you probably care about John Dwyer. Sure he runs Castle Face Records, which is responsible for Ty Segall’s eponymous debut and, most recently, Bare Wires’ Seeking Love LP [coming to Danzig’s Sept. 3rd]. Sure he is the main man for Thee Oh Sees, one of the best psych bands around today. Before all of that though, he was an angry kid just like the rest of us, and it was in those days that he was in the Coachwhips. The most precise description I can give for the Coachwhips is they sound like the Oblivians if the Oblivians were fronted by John Barrett. Got a little bit of a chub already? Yeah, me too. Before you get too excited I’ll go ahead and tell you the band parted ways back in 2005. No worries though, they left us with three LPs and a multitude of 7-inches. Now stop reading my stupid words and listen to those mp3s.

Coachwhips – You Gonna Get It [vid]
Coachwhips – Evil Son [vid]

Watusi out.

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