You know how worked up we get around here when there’s fresh blood in Nashville, but this one’s really got our engine purring. Dillon Watson [of Kindergarten Circus – Funstix – and BBQ connoisseur fame] has been working up some real rock and roll jams on his own for the last little bit and is gonna be making his way into your head real soon. Like, end-of-this-post soon. The boy wonder sent us a couple tracks to preview and we’ve made them available for your little ears. Don’t say we haven’t been warning you though, “Summer Nights” might be stuck in your head for the rest of the summer. And if it is, that’s nothing to complain about.

D. Watusi – Summer Nights [mp3]
D. Watusi – Claudette (Roy Orbison) [mp3]
D. Watusi – My Dougie [mp3]

No word yet as to when we can expect a debut show, but we’ll go ahead and guarantee that we’ll be in attendance and that we’ll make sure you all know about it in advance. Sound good? Goooooooood. MY DOUGIE? MY DOUGIE.

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3 responses to “DO THE WATUSI”

  1. miracle boy says:

    great songs comin out of that big ole punkinhead



    see? my name and comment ARE THE SAME FUCKING THING!

  3. thomas says:

    he does have a big head. so does david.

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