Remember forever ago when Nobunny and PUJOL hit up Third Man for an afternoon of rocking and rolling at Jack White’s house? Well, the live LP is finally available for Nobunny’s set [out of tune guitars, mic drops, and nervous banter included] So do yourself a favor and go snag it or order it here. Nobunny’s album that made him… him – Love Visions – is now available from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on glow in the dark vinyl. We’ve already got a copy, but knowing that there are only 200 copies of the limited edish glowy ones makes us think we should maybe snag another. And if you feel so inclined, here you go. We wish the jokers over at Third Man would’ve wised up and recorded that PUJOL set and put that out on LP. Then they’d reeeeally have us goin’.

Nobunny’s got a new record, First Blood, coming out in 38 days. Not really sure that this is necessary, but whatever. After doing some quick math, that means it’ll have a September 14th release date.

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