Photo by Bekah Cope

Errbody’s favorite former-Atlantian Brooklyn bad boys, Ex Humans, are releasing their debut LP in the very near future. They’ve had two 7″s come out in the last little while and both of them are pretty killer, so we’re stoked to know that we’ll be able to get our grubbys on a full length soon. It’ll be coming out on Rob’s House Records [who have a couple other new releases slated including a new Cola Freaks EP that looks to be badass] We spent a good bit of time in New York hanging out with Jesse from Ex Humans and it sounds like they’ve got a lot on their plates for the next good while. Literally. Jesse and Josh recently started a restaurant in Williamsburg called Honeychiles’ and it might be the best southern food we’ve ever had. Sorry ma. Anyways, check out the video for their new song “Reckless Eyes”

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