We’ve known about Greg Cartwright’s [Reigning Sound and Oblivians] work with the Ettes for a while now. He produced their last album, Look At Life Again Soon, and it seemed like for a minute semi-secret Greg Cartwright + Ettes shows were popping all over the place earlier this year. With that said we weren’t too surprised when we heard ol’ Greg O. and CoCo Hames of the Ettes had gone right out and formed a new band. The Parting Gifts haven’t played any shows yet, but they’re already on the bill for Gonerfest 7, which I’ll remind you is happening next month!! They also have a full-length entitled Strychnine Dandelion already scheduled for release in October on In The Red. The video above shows Cartwright playing one of the songs from Strychnine Dandelion all by his lonesome at one of our favorite Memphis pitstops. You can also hear a full track on In the Red’s myspace. Dig it dig it dig it. Watusi out.

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