So the other day we gave you guys a whole big rundown of all the sick shit going on this weekend with Yes Fest, but we didn’t really get to talk much about what we’re most stoked for: WARCRY. The dudes are coming in from Oregon to slay everything in their path. Two times in one day even. If you’re not familiar with WarCry, you’re probably familiar with Tragedy. If you’re not familiar with Tragedy — familiarize yourself. Anyways, they’re playing two shows this Saturday [an early one at Greg’s House — remember that sick outdoor showspace that used to put on every once in a while? Annihilation Time played there. It was sooo sick… And then again later that night at Little Hamilton] Check em out…

Early Show
:::: TBA
@ Greg’s House [1119 Cahal Ave]
$TBA – All Ages – 2-5PM

Late Show
:::: Life Trap
:::::: Deadly Reign
:::::::: Karoshi
:::::::::: In Ruins
:::::::::::: Symptoms
:::::::::::::: The Thing That Always Explodes
:::::::::::::::: Sacaea
:::::::::::::::::: Sanctions
@ Little Hamilton
$7 – All Ages – 5:30PM

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