We promised you some goodies yesterday and we totally bailed — our bad. But we got it today! Cool? Cool. We caught a little radio sesh with garage-rock wunderkind Ty Segall and thought it was too good to not share. He plays a couple stripped down versions of songs off of Melted [which if you haven’t picked up — you gotta do that right now right here] But he also debuts a couple new songs. It’s a really refreshing change of pace to hear Ty in a raw is-what-it-is sort of atmosphere. Snag it here. We’ve had heart-ons for him for the longest time now, and we don’t think we’re gonna stop anytime soon.

Ty Segall – Lovely One [mp3]
Ty Segall – Imaginary Person [mp3]

Ty’s going on a tour next month that will bring him sort of close to Nashville [we’ll totally drive to Atlanta for him] and then gonna be in Memphis in late September for GonerFest. We might have a trick up our sleeves.

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  1. miracle boy says:

    another epic post by d watusi

  2. Miracle Boy,

    You’d be surprised to learn that I actually wrote this post. D. Watusi just supplied the tracks and the downloadable zip. EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALL ME! ME BABY ME!

  3. miracle boy says:

    Forever Young–

    I hate all your posts. Don’t take credit for my mans hard work, got it? WEAK

    Miracle Boy

  4. D. Watusi says:

    Man another post by D. Watusi raking in the comments….

    For the record, I had a half written draft saved and Forever Hung gave himself permission to scrap it and write it all himself like he owns the place.

  5. In case you were wondering, I DO own the place

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