One of our favorite Third Men is heading back to England soon and so we’re wishing him a fond farewell tonight with a secret show by King Louie’s Missing Monuments!! Don’t you just love surprises?! Yes. If you don’t know Miles, then you’re missing out on knowing one of the solidest dudes in Nashville. Seriously. We’re bummed you’re heading outta here — but know that you’re welcome to come back anytime. And, hey, if you give us a couple weeks notice — we’ll be sure to set you up a sick party upon arrival. Gonna miss you, bud. We can’t disclose the location of tonight’s show, but ask around and I’m sure you can figure it out. After checking up with the house — we can post the address. GET WILD

:: King Louie
@ 801 North 16th St.
$FREE – All Ages – 9PM

Maybe the cover should be “bring Miles a see ya later gift beer”

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