We all know that July 4th is the real New Year’s around here in Nashville. So, with that in mind, let’s lay out all the goodies going down on this New Year’s Eve [You know, the new New Year’s Eve — July 3rd] There’s a little bit of everything for everyone this year — so hit something up and celebrate, cool? COOL!

FUNSTIX | Photo by Alexa Sullivant

Barn Party
:: Denney & The Jets
:::: PUJOL
:::::: Natural Child
:::::::: Funstix
:::::::::: The Looking Glass
@ 2816 Hwy 12 N Chapmansboro
$Donations – All Ages – 6PM

The babies down in Cheatham are gonna be getting their kicks with some of our favorites on July 3rd and they’re doing it the way it’s supposed to be. I mean, just imagine seeing Denney & The Jets in a barn in the woods and partying hard. Gettin’ our lady wet. We should also note that all the money made at the show is going to benefit the Binkley family who are suffering from their losses in the flood. Camping is allowed so don’t drink drive!!


:: Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power
:::: Deluxin’
:::::: Square People Jazz Maturity
:::::::: Marj!
:::::::::: The K!ll!ck
@ Open Lot
$5 – 9PM

This one looks like a real treat. We can’t remember the last time we saw Dave Cloud [well, we can’t remember the last time we saw him performing — we definitely remember the last time we saw him] But that plus Deluxin’ and Marj! for only $5 ?!?! Yeesh. Sounds like the best thing we’ve seen at an art gallery in a long time [sorry Nashville artists]


:: Paleface
:::: Monsters on TV
:::::: The Mattoid
:::::::: Lovelife
@ The Springwater
$5 – 21+ – 9PM

Sometimes on New Year’s it’s more fun to be spooky and evil and friends with the Devil and if you’re feeling like that this weekend, then maybe hitting the Springwater will suit you best. We’re not trying to say that any of the bands are particularly satanic or evil, but just imagining seeing The Mattoid on the Fourth of July at the Springwater makes us think that the admission cost might be our soul. So, if you’re down with that or if you’ve already sold yours — hit it up!

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