So a while back, Liturgy came through Nashy on short notice and hopped on a show at Little Hamilton and totally blew everyone out of the water. That’s a fact. Since it was such short notice, most of yous probably missed out on it. But, as you can tell by that flyer up there, the city-slickers are coming back for some more. And lucky for you, they’re bringing Child Abuse with them. We feel strangely compelled to urge everyone to bring some sort of ear protection to this show. Oh, and probably a change of pants. Marj! and Yautja round out the bill for the show and if that doesn’t look like a solid enough lineup for you, then you might wanna rethink a few things. Time to make some real life decisions. You can look in our mirror if you don’t have one. It’ll lead you to the truth!

Monday July 12
:: Liturgy
:::: Child Abuse
:::::: Marj!
:::::::: Yautja
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA – All Ages – 8PM

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