Well, this one’s about the you-knows and the you-got-its. I mean, just read it. And if you don’t know – NOW YOU KNOW.

Shreditoral 15

Well, yet again, we are left to ask ourselves what shreds? The faceless demon willing me to walk it home while clawing out of the inside of my soul? The endless thought that is never finished? NAH. None of that stuff is real? Regardless, one thing to think about while waiting on the highway is house shows. Why they around? What they do? How they do that? Well, us here at the Shred qualified some data to shred a little light on the situation.

Good house shows initially require a group of bebes who are into two things:
1.Working for free.
2. Unrequited love.

If you are down with these two clowns, then the circus is in town, baby. Next, these aspiring social engineers will need to find a swank location to have their “friends” come showcase their “art” in an “environment” that provides its own “context”. Because yes, you are allowed to think, feel, and shape those things. Maybe a basement, maybe a space, maybe your bedroom ya’ll. Regardless, there’s going to be some pre-McDonalds shit going down in your crawlspace.
Now you got the space, take a step outside. We here at the Shred were taken on safari and shown some indigenous peoples to your world called neighbors. They are worth appeasing because 1) they are human 2) you live next to them 3) they have their own bebes and demon screams. Go meet your neigh-neighs.

What they like? Get all human on them, show them your thumb-drive, talk about fluids.
The Shred staff then got schooled in the most important part: the entertainment. Yeah, you can have bands, or talkings, or readings, or performings, or whatever. What we did notice however, is that the more organized everything was, the more fun everyone had. There was a direct correlation, but we all know that isn’t necessarily causation. We were also told you can be nice to your entertaining guests by collecting donations, immaterial social currency will audit errbody accordingly and the gist will be got if you don’t believe it’s wrong upon communication.

Also, you need rules. It’s like, you make the rules, and make sure they are enforced, so everyone else there can have fun. Having a pro bono staff helps these rules be the infrastructure to rage within. Rules such as “no underage drinking or drugs” can be enforced by what we like to call the Beer Baron. The earliest reports of the Beer Baron go back to 2007 AD under the name Daniel Severs. The B.B. takes your alcohol if you don’t look 21, and drinks it in front of you. Nah uh, bad bebe!

You can also have the Good Shepherd, who makes sure people aren’t screaming in the street or erecting Bat Signals. The G.S. uses the loopy cane to guide you toward a full night of rawk, away from the Romulus and Remus of your mind. Also, make sure you have a solid Gatekeeper who can work a door and vibe the show all night.

Now once you’re all staffed and ready to go in your bonezone, don’t forget that since you’re not a business at all, the customer is not always right. In fact, you don’t even have customers. You have humans watching some arts made by other humans. If it was McDonalds or something, and you had corporate breathing down your neck to make sure everyone is happy, you’d have something to worry about. But who REALLY wants to be enslaved by the abstract egoic desires of others? FUCK ALL THAT. Right, American Revolution? These post-colonial bebes can’t stand the standardization of anything beyond the bubble test. House shows are like Rousseau’s Social Contract meets Hardin’s Tradegy of the Commons = don’t act a fool if you want more than, “put the money in the slot to get your dick from yesterday sucked forever.”

It can’t be quantified. It’s all those weird human variables that exist in between the lines on pages and permeated via body language vibrations. Can’t be proved. It’s not like going anywhere permanent. It only exists for hours. It’s never what it was supposed to be and it never is what it should be. It’s just what it is. So run them well and they can be better than planned as opposed to worse. It’s just some little world made out of people, not the “individual express-yourself persons” but the humanoids fresh out the cave. What just happened?


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