Many of you know local amigo Ryan Sweeney to be the drummer for In the Red favorites Cheap Time, but did you know he is THE GENE SHALIT OF LOCAL PIZZA?!?! Aww yeah, that’s right…Sweeney, in response to taunting caused by his steady diet of chicken nuggets and pizza, has set himself on a mission to eat at as many pizza places in Nashville this summer as possible, and lucky for us, he’s reviewing them all, 21st century-style. Have you played at the End a million times and every time wondered if Oblio’s is any good? BOOM HE’S GOING THERE THIS WEEK. Are you burnt out on freezer pizza but too poor to eat anything else? BOOM HE’S EATING AT FANCY PLACES THAT ARE LIKE FIFTEEN BUCKS. Just read his review while eating that Tombstone and your Tombstone will taste less cardboard-y. Ryan Sweeney: drummer, critic, but most importantly, community care-taker. PIZZA SUMMER!

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4 responses to “PIZZA PARTY//PIZZA SUMMER”

  1. smart dude says:

    In light of Betty’s becoming an active spot, I’ve wondered if anyone has ever considered talking the Sir Pizza people on Charlotte into hosting musical, youth cultural events. Bands could rock the indoor gazebo. Yeah, they have an indoor gazebo.

  2. Sam J says:

    I hope he’s planning on reviewing the upcoming Personal and the Pizzas show!

  3. Sam J says:

    (at goner fest)

  4. Gary Biggs says:

    I am so excited to follow this adventure this summer. You Rock Mr. Ryan!

    – Gary

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