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If that’s not one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen…. There’s a new release scheduled to come out soon from Infinity Cat that’s going to be a split release with PUJOL + Wez and Little Bear. We haven’t heard Little Bear’s share on Sexttape yet, but we have definitely heard Puj+Wez’s side and we gotta say that this is one of the more interesting releases you’ll probably hear this year. The dudes got together to shell out a few tracks that will make you rethink the way you open your mind. Pujol had this to say about the cassette and working with Wez:

“He keeps me out of jail. This proves that our love is invincible.”

And now, for your listening pleasure, two tracks from Sexttape [Peter Panzer didn’t make the cut, but features Wes on bass and Jake Orrall on guitar.]

PUJOL feat. Wez – Get’n Hard [mp3]
PUJOL feat. Wez – Sliderz [mp3]
PUJOL feat. Wez and Jake – Peter Panzer [mp3]

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  1. smart dude says:

    Y’all should name your files sex tape so they all show up in the player together like a big happy family. Great stuff though. Traylor and Pujol are a winning team. They could really take it to the max this summer.

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