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It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard anything from the Black Lips camp, but today we got to hear a little of what the dudes have been working on when they released a single as a part of the whole Kia/Adult Swim single series. The track [which you can hear below] is called “Before You Judge Me” and is pretty solid. Apparently we’re supposed to expect a new album in 2011 — looks like we’ll have to be satisfied with this track and “Raw Meat”… Oh, you don’t remember “Raw Meat”? Here it is….

Black Lips – Before You Judge Me [mp3]

The Black Lip boys aren’t gonna be Nashy-side for a bit, but your favorite rock and rollers – Natural Child – will be wreaking havoc with them up in New York at one of the Rocks Off cruises. Gonna be a party!

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