We’ve said it before, but it’s really a rarity to be in Nashville on a night where there’s two more-than-worthwhile things going down. Tonight’s one of those. Let’s lay out the options for ya…..

1. You can hit up The Black Church [504 North 3rd St.] to catch The Cannomen, Cy Barkley, Predator, and Balkans. We’d like to note that there has been a venue change on this one [originally book at The Parsonage — now at The Black Church] We talked about this show a while ago and think it’s gonna be super killer. It’ll run you five dollarz and starts at 8pm. Cy Barkley had this to say about the show – “This show is gonna be the hottest show in the town. If you guys act like pussies again and don’t come out, Atlanta’s gonna make fun of us and you’re gonna have to suck their dicks. This is serious guys! They have a good 7″ out, the Predators. And they are the same name as our sports team so that’s more than one good reason for you to come out.” Thanks Cy.

2. This one’s been kept a little more under the radar, but there’s a show tonight at Peter’s Basement [we can’t just give out addresses, so ask around if you really wanna go…] But it’ll feature Denney & The Jets, Deluxin’, and a sepecial solo Jeffrey Novak set. Jeffrey put out a pretty solid record last year called After the Ball on LMN records [along with a couple 7″s on Shattered and Sweet Rot] We’ve never heard of Jeffrey doing a solo show with this new material [I mean, we remember the one-man-band days] but this could be a special treat. The Looking Glass is apparently standing in as a backing band for him tonight, which is badass. No word on costs or times or anything — go if you know.

Choose wisely, Nashville.

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