Whale wail welll, our favorite Memphis transplant-ian recently moved on up to Toronto and has found himself a whole new backing band [That drummer looks pretty familiar though] As is the case with these things most of the time, a new band means new songs — and the new Useless Eaters songs we’ve heard have us super stoked for when they come to town in a couple weeks. Eaters have a couple releases under their belt [that super sold out Agoraphobic 7″ on Goodbye Boozy and the recently released Sucked In 7″ on Goner] and we’ve heard plans of more records to come soon. No word as to who will be putting them out [Shattered? Sweet Rot? More Goner? Who knows] but we’ll scoop them regardless. Check out some of their new tunes here, and get stoked for their show coming soon by watching this video of the bad boys from GonerFest [featuring Mr. Reatard. Miss ‘im everyday]

:: Useless Eaters
:::: John Barrett’s Bass Drum of Death
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Cy Barkley
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

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