Designed by David Czyz

So yesterday we talked about how it’s a new month and we’ve got a new treat for you, well, here it is! We’re going to start doing a monthly listing of cheap good shows so you’ll never not know when you need to be out and getting your roll rocked — knowhati’msayin?? There WILL be prints of these around town with a special added treat, so be on the lookout. This first one was designed by our absolute favorite babe, David Czyz. He is the most aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in getting a show tacked onto one of these bad boys, there are a couple rules: keep it sick! keep it cheap! let the keedz in! Sound good? Just get at us in the contact section and let us know what’s up. With that being said, there are already a couple things that need to be changed on there [that Memphis show that’s supposed to happen today is canceled, and Cannomen and Cy Barkley are on that Predator show — woops] GO OUT AND FIND A COPY AND SAVE IT FOREVER AND GET READY FOR THE NEXT ONE!!

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