So earlier we mentioned a little bit about how Natural Child have a new 7″ coming out this summer and then we started thinking, “Oh man, there are a ton of releases coming out of Nashy in the next few months.” And then we decided to put on our biz pants and fill you babies in on all the upcoming stuffs that you should get stoked about. If we didn’t mention something that’s coming out — it’s probably because we just didn’t know. In that case, let us know what’s up and we’ll try and say something about it. Kapeesh? Is that how you spell that?

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Let’s kick things off with the band putting out the most material in the next couple months: those Bogus Bros. With Heavy Days getting a release in Australia and New Zealand [where they’ll be touring this December] off Spunk records and most of their latest 7″s selling like candy, it’s no wonder they’ve got a lot more on their plate. A 7″ is coming out soon on Infinity Cat with the track “Diamond Way” and a cut from Ty Segall’s Melted sessions [not a track from the album, but a kickass track nonetheless] We’ve heard rumors about a couple other 7″s but we don’t think we’re quite at liberty to disclose that info just yet. Other than that, you can catch the bad boys all over the nation from coast to coast all summer — Bumbershootin’, poolin’, Chaosin’, wherever. Apparently a new full length next year? Maybes?

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The Dream Creamers have officially finished recording their first full length LP, Danny, and their debut 7″ just sold out. There will more than likely be a repress of the 7″ for everyone who snoozed [you’re lucky this time] Danny clocks in at a little over 20 minutes and is one of the more solid releases we’ve heard this year. We’ll give it more of a review when it’s officially out — which should be sometime this July on Infinity Cat [duh] The babies gonn be touring with JEFF for bits and pieces this summer — on the way to Chaos in Tejas and then on their way up to NYC. Big things for the Creamers.

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We don’t know if you bebes have been paying attention or not, but that Cannomen 7″ that came out earlier this year on Flat Black Records [the Black Hole EP] has been selling like crazy all over the world [Japan can’t get enough] We know the punk doggys have been recording and planning their next release – a full length LP. No word as to when we can expect it, but you can definitely expect it to totally destroy. Seriously, we heard a little bit of it the other day and can’t believe how sick it sounds.

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This might be the thing we are the most stoked for. Since we first caught The Looking Glass back in October all we could think was “Oh my god I can’t wait to be able to own a recording of this band oh my god.” Their 60-minute EP is recorded and finished and should be ready to go soon. We’ve heard it’s going to be released on cassette through Infinity Cat, but we’ve also heard rumors of maybe another Nashy label dipping their fingers in the Looking Glass pond. We’d say you can probably expect to see a physical copy of this in the next month and you’ll probably be listening to it for the next lifetime.

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A couple months ago Denney became Daddy and, understandably, he hasn’t been able to play too many shows. He has, however, found himself a new backing band and a whole slew of new jams. Which will all be on his new 6-song EP, Devil’s Harvest. It’s similar to the older tunes in that it’s the kind of music Nashville’s known for [country that doesn’t give a shit…. not Big & Rich stylee, think more George Jones “I’m an asshole and I don’t care” kind of vibe] but it’s a little more jukebox rockin’. The EP release show is May 25th at Glenn Danzig’s House with PUJOL, Crusaders of Love, Ex Humans, and Cy Barkley.

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This is another one we’re mondo stoked for. Cy Barkley’s played some of the best shows we’ve seen in the last 6 months and we’re always wondering when we’ll be able to pick up a physical release of his. Now, we finally have a timeframe to go off of. The cyborg will have his debut 7″ out sometime later this summer on Baby Don’t Records [they just put out that kickass John Barrett single and the Kintaro single] No official word regarding tours yet, but you can catch him soon at with the Spits and Nobunny, Ex Humans and Crusaders of Love, and with Disappears and Woven Bones. BOOM BOOM!

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You probably won’t catch The Diarrhea Planeteers all that often this summer. At least not the lineup you’re used to. They’re in the final stages of piecing together their latest EP Loose Jewels [the follow up to this past year’s Aloha] When we asked the dudes when people could expect it, they said anytime between this summer and the fall. The little extra wait will be worth it though because they plan on releasing it for free [free is always worth the wait] We’ve also heard rumors of maybe a split 7″ with Mr. Pujol. Hopin’ that one’s true.

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We know we already talked a little on some upcoming biznass from Natural Child, but we figured we’d recap: repressing of their first 7″ is coming soon [again, you snoozers better quit snoozing] new 7″ for their hit single “White Man’s Burden”,  rumors of a cassette release of their radio performance that we posted not too long ago, and even better news of a reissuing of BodySwitchers on vinyl. The natural childs will be touring on and off all summer long, so catch them everywhere. They’re also set to record their debut full length, 1971, this summer.

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They’re just the jazziest, don’t you think? We’ve noticed a definite shift in the stylings of So Jazzy from kind of a lazy-pop-dream style to more of a heavy-driven-blow your mind style. If you’ve caught them at their last couple shows, then you know what we’re talking about. We’ve heard that the babies will be recording a full length this summer and releasing it on Infinity Cat Records. As to the format, that’s still a little in the air. More than likely it will be out on cassette, but don’t be too surprised if you hear it on wax too.

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PUJOL PUJOL PUJOL… We know that is pretty much all you guys hear us talking about around here, but we just gotta give you the scoop on all the goodies the bad boy has planned for the next couple months. Fresh after his recently released 2010 7″, Daniel and crew are slated to do another 7″ called Alive At the Same Time [featuring 4 tracks] on Red Shirt Party Records [more on that label later] and is also supposed to be recording material for his first full length album this June. No word as to when it’ll see daylight, but you know what we’re talking about. The material’s there.

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The Kindergarten Circus have been holding the goods pretty tight to their chest for the last bit. Since they released their debut LP last year [which you can still scoop around town] they’ve been playing out a bit and recorded a new 7″, Twin Evils,  over the winter season that should be out late June. If it’s not, we don’t know why. With some of the babies growing up and getting out of high school [we can’t wait ’til we graduate!] we don’t know the exact status of the band, but we’re stoked on this release anyways. Get on it.

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Nashville owes a lot to these bebes. You may not know it, but Spanish Candles are pretty much responsible for exposing lots of college kids to the idea of house shows [Weird, we know… and it’s true, so don’t contest it] After putting out their first EP last summer and putting out a remix EP a few weeks ago [yes, not kidding] we’ve heard that they’re planning on releasing an EP every month until the end of the year. Which has us pretty stoked.

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Shut up. Ben Steine’s Money is the best band in the world right now. They are our favorite band to watch and be afraid of. The bad boy two-piece are going on a short tour this summer alongside JEFF the Brotherhood and Natural Child in late June [If you live in the northern-midwest region like Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison area, get ready to get weird] But before they hit the road they’re releasing a cassingle [cassette single] on Infinity Cat Records. It’ll have all the hits on it and will be at the top of the charts in no time. 8x platinum. Not that they need the money or anything.

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Oh Darlins, why you gotta be so crazy all the time? This past weekend just totally changed pretty much all of Those Darlins’ summer plans. Nikki broke her arm running up a hill [you know, that happens all the time…. right? Eh.] So their Australia tour’s been postponed and their Memphis-Nashville shows have been tweaked a little too. As far as releases go, they’re album just got a Japanese release and they’re set to put out a new split 7″ with Funstix sometime in the next few months. You know how we feel about Funstix. Doit.

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