Those Darlins, when are you ever gonna learn? Cowboy boots and big hills don’t lead to good things. We’re pretty positive there was a third variable in this equation that probably had a little more to do with her fall than the cowboy boots, but whatever. Nikki Darlin took a little tumble and managed to break two bones in her left forearm last weekend [our mom taught us alot of the bones when we we’re younger and we think that means she broke her radius and her ulna… and that’s nuts] The babies have had to postpone their Australian tour and canceled that Memphis show we helped them setup [don’t worry, Saturday is still scheduled to go down] Until then, Nikki’s gonna have her surgery and we’re all gonna make sure she starts getting her daily recommended amount of calcium.

Saturday May 22
:: That Darlin?
:::: Natural Child
:::::: PUJOL
:::::::: So Jazzy
@ Mercy Lounge
$10 – 18+ – 8PM

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