Photo by Bekah Cope

We probably saw Puffy Areolas like 5 times in a period of a week back in mid-March [once during the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND] and we’re starting to pine again. Their new album In The Army 1981 just came out and it’s really good. Really, really good [not surprisingly, this one’s from the Siltbreeze babes]  Undoubtedly one of the more sadistic and raw records that’ll probably come out this year. It’s like The Stooges’ Raw Power but less hooks and more hate. If that doesn’t exactly sound like your cup of tea, we’ll go ahead and tell you that it really isn’t. Anyways, we think that Puffies are the best thing to come out of Toledo since Ben Swank and we hope to see them come Nashy-side soon.

Puffy Areolas -Dandy [mp3]

Scoop the new record here.

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