It takes some nuts to just go out there and claim a coast as better than another coast [the shoreline over at Nashville Shores is where our hearts reside] But the LA boppers, Best Coast, grab that gall and run with it. Granted, the bebes aren’t breaking much new ground at all, but they are rehashing some sweet 60s fuzzpop with a bit of that 90s Cranbrerries vibe [sooo Vivian Girls plus Cranbrerries and you’ve got yourself a hit these days] You know you love that vibe. Don’t act like you don’t miss tying your sweatshirt around your waist and butt-cuttin’ your hair and Devon Sawa and JTT and blah blah blah. They’ve had a ton of 7″s released over the last while [PPM, Art Fag, Group Tightener, Black Iris] and have a couple coming up [maybe even one with a couple Nashy homeboys…] Check out this vid…

Best Coast – When I’m With You [mp3]

The babes are in Europe for a bit before doing anything more stateside. When they do, you’ll know about it and we’ll probably be talking about them again soon.

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