Photo by Bekah Cope

Last night was Natural Child’s first Nashville show since their last tour and it may have been the best Natural Child show we’ve ever seen. Seth somehow managed to bust his head open during the first song and had blood all over his face. Obviously, we took his blood and made upside-down crosses on our foreheads. We haven’t seen people go that nuts since… I guess before they left for tour. They dropped a special little treat on us today though — they stopped by the WKDU station in Philly and hung out with our buddy Parry for a long time and did a bunch of killer covers and played some originals [In all seriousness, Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” rules and is a total Dylan-Stones jam. No joke] And you can download them! Just go here.  And here’s a little sampling of the show…

Natural Child – Darkside of the Moon (WKDU Sesh) [mp3]

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