Oh man, if this isn’t great news then we don’t know what is: So Raw Festival 2 is coming back this 2010 Summer. Maybe you missed last year’s festival [If you can still feel yourself kicking your own butt, that’s probably you reminding yourself of how dumb you are for not going last year] But we are going to go ahead and say that you don’t want to miss this year’s. We don’t even know who’s going to play yet. We don’t even care. It’s going to be better than your Bonnaroo and your Sasquatter. Seriously, here’s a few of the bands that were there last year: The Yolks, Electric Bunnies, TeePee, Fluffy Lumbers, Jacuzzi Boys, Melted Sunglasses,  RotShit, Lil Daggers, Pink Reason. See you this summer, Flahdah.

So Raw 2 from SO RAWFESTIVAL on Vimeo.

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