A few months before we turned 5 years old, we begged and begged mama and papa to let us have a bowling party for our birthday. Didn’t work out. We did, however, get some pretty fucking spectacular coloring books. Sebastian Speaks‘ mama and papa [together as one — William Tyler] is having a bowling party this Saturday night for it’s 5th birthday and it’s gonna be sick! On the real, when was the last time you got to go down to Strike & Spare and catch top-notch bands? Never. That sounds about right.

Willy put out the first Sebastian Speaks record a whopping 5 years ago [Hilarity and Despair, a record of found answering machine tapes, is still one of our favorite records to show off] They’re also responsible for putting out the Deluxin’ Black / White LP, which is definitely worth snagging if you haven’t already. Nathan told us he wrote “We Are the Men” when he was 12 [Amazing] Since then they’ve put out releases from The Paper Hats, Forrest Bride, Hands Off Cuba, and a lot more. In all seriousness and earnestness, William and Sebastian Speaks are a couple of the best things in this city and if anyone deserves to see or feel your appreciation — it’s them. So on Saturday after all the Record Store Bidness, roll down to Strike & Spare and hang with the bad boys.

Saturday April 17

:: The Paper Hats
:::: The Pull the Strings Players
:::::: Hands Off Cuba
:::::::: Forrest Bride
:::::::::: The Black Swans
:::::::::::: Deluxin’
:::::::::::::: The Looking Glass
@ Hillwood Strik & Spare [3710 Annex Ave]
$TBA – All Ages – 8PM

We can’t let this post go up without saying that the poster for this show is super badass and Sam Smith did a killer job. Way to go man. It was screened out of 30, so if you’re lucky you might have a chance to snag one at the show.

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