We Have Signal: Jeff the Brotherhood from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

So there’s this badass Alabama venue called the Bottle Tree Cafe. It is every band’s dream venue. Seriously, ask anyone that’s played there. But there’s also this public access cable show in Alabama called We Have Signal, and they film shows and do interviews with sick bands and it makes us really jealous. Not saying we don’t love all the great stuff on Nashville’s public access. Kind of saying that. Anyways, they did a whole show for JEFF the Brotherhood back when they were on tour with Screaming Females and it’s great. Seems like Jake was a little under the weather, but JEFF playing under the weather is like seeing any other band at their prime. Suck it!

Photo by Bekah Cope

Let’s wrap up a little more JEFF-talk real quick though [Maybe we should start a new section here called JEFF-TALK? What do you think?] We got word that not only has their UK 7″ sold out, but they’re about to go to pressing for their JEFF/Ty Segall split and Suicide Squeeze is about to press them a new 7″. That’s like 21″ if you put all those together. Pretty impressive. They’re also slated for a pretty huge summertime tour with baby-babes Quintron & Miss Pussycat. Check here for dates. As far as Nashville shows go, you can catch them next Friday at Mercy Lounge or next Thursday in Murfreesboro. Then they’re heading out with the dream creamers to Chaos in Tejas. PS we heard the new Heavy Cream album and saw the cover and oh man you turkeys are NOT even ready

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