We meant to make a post about this yesterday but we’ve never taken any time-management classes and so we didn’t really plan things out right and ended up going to Memphis with those Natty boys to see Box Elders and Black Lips. Needless to say, it was a party. And we might have a couple things cooking up for Nashy now —- look out for special guests or secret shows at Danzig’s this summer. Anyways, tonight brings the annual Zeitgeist festival over at USN. Every year this things gets better and better. It’s cheap, starts early ends early, and displays some of the best young local acts in Nashville. And you know, we love the kids. We luh da keedz. Trick luh da keedz.

Things are kicking off pretty soon and will be going until 11 tonight. Get out there and do it. All the information is on the flyer above. Trick luh da keeeedz

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