If you’re in Nashville tonight there’s really no excuse to not be at Little Hamilton. Especially because Australia’s Useless Children just got added to tonight’s already stacked bill [feat. White Mice, MLU, Suffering Bastard, Dawn, No Compassion, and Lazer Slut] I guess the only acceptable excuse for not coming is if you’re quite literally near the brink of losing your hearing [because this show would absolutely push you over the edge] Even still, your a wuss if you don’t at least try. Anyways, here’s the rest of the bill – with set times. And MLU’s gonna have their S/T LP there so pick up a copy!

:: Dawn [8:30]
:::: No Compassion [8:55]
:::::: Lazer Slut [9:10]
:::::::: Suffering Bastard [9:30]
:::::::::: White Mice [10:00]
:::::::::::: MLU [10:35]
:::::::::::::: Useless Children [11:00]
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

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