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It’s finally here. It’s been nearly 6 months since Cy Barkley’s first show back in October at the Infinity Cat Showcase and we’ve finally got something for your little ears to listen to. Since, as of right now, Cy doesn’t have a myspace or any way to hear his music online — this will be your first chance to hear some real Barkley materials on the webs. And it rules. Think if maybe Jay Reatard had been from Atlanta instead of Memphis and was buddies with all the Carbonas dudes and they always hung out and listened to The Replacements — that’s the kind of vibe we get from Cy’s tunes. According to Cy, this song’s going to be on his upcoming 7″ from Baby Don’t Records. We’ll be stoked to finally have this bad boy on vinyl. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Cy in the flesh and blood, he’s playing a show tonight at FooBar with The Outlaw Lovers and Those Damn Torpedoes. He’s got a bunch more shows coming up too, like that Harlem show [May 13] and The Spits show [May 21] GET ON IT

Cy Barkley – Blackout [mp3]

:: Cy Barkley
:::: Those Damn Torpedoes
:::::: The Outlaw Lovers
@ FooBar
$TBA – 21+ – 9PM

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