We mentioned a couple bands in our Santa Cruz blag the other day, but we feel like we owe them a little more than just a footnote on our adventures. Mostly because they kicked butt. We’ll only spend a minute talking about Wild Thing since we talked about them forever ago, so let’s just say that these dudes rock and roll every second of the day. And the night.


Impediments are a bunch of Bay area punk rollers who….. I mean, just look at that picture. What’s not to like about this band? There’s four teenage kickers hanging loose with some badass records in a messy room [Anybody holding a Kids record is a friend of ours] But that one dude’s wearing a Braves jacket and man do we HATE the Braves! But that other guy is stepping on motorcylce-jacketed-boy’s head, so more punk points. Plus, they’re all like 12 years old. Anyways, Impediments make the kind of tunes you’d play to soundtrack a sunny day of shredding on your skateboard around the beach and hollering at cougars. Their debut LP is out now on HappyParts Recordings. Scoop it here!


Mojo Hand are a pretty sweet meld of Surf and Punk and something sort of reminiscent of something that’s kind of like a Hendrix-y thing. Does that make sense? No? Sorry, we’re really reaching for words lately. It’s been a long week and we’re getting everything ready for the weekend and stuff and we really just wanna have fun and hope that it’s not gonna rain all weekend. Anyways, Mojo Hand. The Oakland three-piece have been playing shows in the area for the last little while with the likes of Impediments and Bare Wires and have apparently been leaving people blown away. They bailed out on the show we went to while we were in SF, so we can’t say it first hand, but we can imagine that they rule. No releases yet, but that never takes too long. Keep your eyes peeled!!

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