We’ve been down hanging loose with our west coast buddies for the last couple days in Santa Cruz, CA and we’ve learned alot in that time. Lots of foods, stuff about hippys, so many dread alerts, hanging with the sk8r beach bum vampire punks, and a kickass dollar bin. If you want to read more about it, JUST DO IT. See you soon, Nashville! Gotta get back for the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND!!!


We’ve never been to Santa Cruz, except in our dreams when we imagine ourselves as Lost Boys or as sk8r beach babes just shreddin’ like real thrashers, but we’ve been here for a couple days now and I think I’ve got it mostly figured out. We’ll use a couple stills from Thrashin’ to make this more than just words…

Hippys are a little shocking. Taken aback, for sure.

First, it is full of hippys. Everywhere you go, there are wizards and dreddy half-human/half-plants. Normally, we’d say this is a bad thing. But it’s not really because it seems like all these hippys used to have pretty sweet record collections and now they’re just trying to shell that shit out so they can go party on Heroin Hill. Here’s the full rundown of records I got for a whole whopping twenty-spot:

Bob Dylan /////
New Morning, Another Side of Bob Dylan, Hard Rain
Rolling Stones /////
Between The Buttons, Their Satanic Majesties Request, Some Girls, Get Yer Ya-Yas Out, It’s Only Rock n Roll, Exile on Main Street, Through the Past Darkly, Goat’s Head Soup, The Rolling Stones Now
The Spits /////
IV [Schools Out], 19 Million AC
And some Bowie, Mothers of Invention, The Cars, Scorpions, and Foghat. OH YEAH AND THEY’RE ALL FUCKING ORIGINALS!

Granted I did have most these records already, but who can turn down that boatload for $20?? No one. That Stones’ Satanic Majesties record has the original holographic cover! That right there has totally changed my mind about hippys. Well, not totally, but hippys with records that they wanna ditch for cheap are cool with me. Sorry, I should probably say “hippys with hella records they wanna ditch for hella cheap are cool with hella me” People talk like babies out here.

House shows out here are pretty rad. I went up to San Francisco down to 18th and Mission and saw Impediments and Wild Thing tear people apart. Apparently this band Mojohand was supposed to play, but didn’t? I don’t know. At the time – I could’ve cared less. But then I checked out their myspace and now I’m actually pretty bummed they didn’t play. Probably too busy shredding the gnar. Anyways, most the kids out here are pretty badass. I talked to this dude about Nashville for a little while and he tried to hip me to this band called JEFF the Brotherhood [who are apparently from Nashy — who knew?] This video kind of epitomizes the way things are around here…

I went and fulfilled all my Lost Boy dreams and went to the roller-coaster and hung out there and bit a kid on the neck. Something just overcame me, don’t judge. And then at night we went down to these caves on the beach and drank lamb’s blood [which is incredibly hard to find in Santa Cruz. All these vegan vegetable wimps can’t believe someone would wanna eat meat. SO NUTS! EAT A BURGER! You can just pick avocados and oranges and lemons out of peoples’ yards though, which is cool. Anyways….] and brought our Ouija board and tried to conjure up some spirits. The first part of this part isn’t really true, but the second part is. We didn’t have too much luck trying to connect with the dead rock and rollers. But we tried and, hey, that’s the best you can do!

OK, I’m sick of typing. It’s like 70 degrees and sunny outside and I’ve got more hippys to rip off and beach babes to swoon. Take ’em down to babe island. I wanna get lost with you on babe island. See you soon, Nashville.

And now that I’m back, Corey Haim is dead. Later Lost Boy.

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