Since we’re talking about Florida and dope and all that, let’s go ahead and up you to speed with The Sexcapades. They’re some real Orlando dudes that look to be a part of the whole So Raw/Florida’s Dying/we kinda think Florida is top-notch thing. They’ve only got some demos out there, including the #1 hit “She Likes to Get High” which you can listen to on their myspace. It sounds like three bad boys were real wasted and stumbled into a room where they found all these instruments lying around [well, the drums were more like a crockpot or something] and accidentally made some great rock songs. Saying “accidentally” kind of implies that they couldn’t really do it if they tried, but we more mean that they couldn’t help but do it if they tried. Plus, it looks like our old buddy, Mr. Metro [from Magic & The Johnsons] is keeping the grooves steady on bass for the Sexcapades. As of right now, there are no releases and no tours, but we might have to go down for that show with Slippery Slopes and Scam Buddies in March. Just so you know, Scam Buddies is a new… we hate to use the phrase “side project” but… side project from Jacuzzi Boys, Gabriel and Daniel. Duh, that’s gonna rule.

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