Photo by Bekah Cope

“Dream Trilogy Tour 2010” as Magic Kids kept calling the show, was pretty boss. Well, they packed out Exit/In atleast. We were surrounded by tons of unfamiliar faces. Was everyone at the show from another town or something? How come you dopes don’t come out to the shows on the reg? OK, enough short rant, back to the show. Magic Kids and Girls were pretty right-on. Magic Kids could probably make you vomit with the amount of sweet, sugary [not Sugar Ray] bubblegum-pop that they shove down your throat, but it’d all come up as cotton candy so it’s ok. Girls cranked out a bunch of swooning crooner jams, but we got kinda lost in all the long hair to pay attention to anything else. Bekah Cope was snappin’ pics for you ladies, here you go…




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