Everyone’s getting there Puj on these days. Check out an interview he did over at WOTT. Time to shred the gnar.

Shreditorial 6

You know what really shreds my bank slips? My dad? No: America’s Messiah Complex. We have this articulate, intelligent President, but he’s not Frankenstein Superman. So he’s worthless, right? This guy got on television and said we could change America, but we’d have to work? Fuck that. I want Ronald Reagan to kiss me good night after he tucks me in so tight my toes break. I want to wait for that golden shower to trickle down through the glass ceiling of my house on the hill until it fills my third wife’s margarita glass.

Honestly, what can the President do besides generate a dialogue with the country to set an agenda to do the job? Maybe the insane abuses of a federated system by the previous administration got us confused, but last time I checked, we had a representative democracy that operated from the bottom up. So, why don’t we act like that? Why don’t we hold our local leaders accountable? Maybe because we weren’t taught how or we don’t have the time? Imagine that: consumer/citizens running around frantically to obtain all material necessity from retailers instead of each other who are too tired to actively shape our world or hold our leader accountable?! It’s like a carrot on a stick with a hook in it.

Ever wonder about local elections and why you never vote in them? Me too, but I’m starting to reconsider my ignorance as a weakness and not just a fashion accessory to add to the long list of things I believe in. We all know “the system is corrupt”, but maybe only if we expect the Neo-Christ to descend from the Ivory Tower and make everything “our definition right.” Or maybe it’s easier to say my hands are too clean to ever get dirty?

Isn’t that just a Messiah Complex that will result in insane conservative backlash, because their persona demands you allow them to function as savior against an old, worn out, Muppets-off-SNL-Season One, outside aggressor? Will this be a song later? You know it will be!

So, here’s my State of the Union: local power is consolidated to a certain worldview that votes for itself because it has the capital and connections to get the votes. That local power is rabidly interested in staying in power, and it rises to the House and Senate in order to continue to shape the material, intellectual, and ideological realities for us to deal with. Then you have a Congress that represents some bizarre “constituency” that shows up to their gigs and buys their merch so they can tour forever, and make laws so you can’t. Sort of like a Country Club, but its the whole country. Some people call this historical materialism? Do I care if you think I’m right or are we as a country just desperately in need of actual public debate and discourse besides pundit caricatures of politics for King Baby? It’s like reconstructing Meta-Nazi Germany with Legos but you’re the Allied Power.

This country club is so meta-bourgeoisied out that it promotes policies that simply reinforce the funding and vote pooling of a certain type of person, and why shouldn’t they: apparently it works. So what are us young dude/ettes going to vote about? How do we learn where to vote? And how to vote? And how to generate our own pools of capital to draw from to promote relevant leadership and polices? Do we even care? Do we know how? How do we shape our own reality? Like that parental mystery of “constructive behavior” or knowing that refusal to adapt bows to yesterday. I believe Lil Wayne refers to this phenomenon as “Young Money.”




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  1. Chase says:

    My friend and I just had a conversation that I think applies to this…we were talking about the internet being a graveyard of information that will one day be used to compile all of your thoughts and project them as a hologram or clone you so your future great, great grandchildren can see how much fun Paw Paw was to hang out with. Or in the very least, it’s a simple way to keep us all jacked in to a database for Big Brother.

    Then we shifted the subject to talk about how the minute you arrive in this dimension, certain rights are immediately expected of you. You are instantly attached to a piece of paper that is said to have a magical value. Everything in this world depends on it and you are expected to fight for more of it….to “better” your situation…that you have no control over. 9 months after sleeping tightly in a cozy vagina, we are ejected into the middle of a full scale battle and everyone’s a player! This way the Big Men upstairs (not GROD) can thin out the weak from the strong and create a master race….presumably to fight another war of some kind.

    Yes, there’s no way that any of us, the pawns and ants of the earth, will ever understand what it is to be as carefree as a child. Without worry. Somewhere on this planet exists a small group of men sitting at the top of this scheme jerking off to beastiality, chomping down on a steak, with tons of hot bitches surrounding them, in a jacuzzi while watching re-runs of Full House. Now…..THOSE guys are probably completely content with life.

    The system they’ve created is so airtight that even if we all agreed to charge at them, we wouldn’t know the true target. So in this version of the spinning cycle of possibility that we refer to as life, our outer beings are not born free. We can only fight for faux freedom. Fashion Freedom. Or choose to let go of the wheel and let the world unfold around you. Eat a bag of popcorn and laugh while they devour themselves, shit it out, and feast on their own puke. I’m bitter that I was born into a game I refuse to play. This cartridge is broken. Eventually they’ll reset everything when they build the ultimate weapon anyways. What happened to the Grod particle? I was hoping that would wipe us out.

    Politics and policies only exist to keep the cows in line. It’s easy to forget that we’re not just animals to be controlled. Our vision is distorted and the value of morals has been replaced with the sum of the almighty dollar. Why is it okay for groups of people to govern others lives? What gives them the right to tell me how to do anything? Rid the world of government and everyone behave. Have fun inside your bubble and don’t burst the guys next to you. Now that’s a game I’d like to play!

    – c.

  2. Ogre says:

    I feel that eliminating Congress members’ lifetime salary (or pension, as they like to call it), would be a nice step to bring back objective populace-controlled politics back to America. Once those jackasses are elected, they really don’t have to care about those who got them elected, cause they are gettin’ paid no matter what they do. I say if they want to keep their ludicrous salary, they have to be reelected; which means following the concerns of the voters that got them into office. As long as there are people like you to bitch about injustices and general bullshit in the government, there will be a hope for real freedom.

  3. Butthole Surfer says:

    Uhh, hate to break it to you “Ogre,” but I don’t think there’s a single congressman out there who ran for office for the salary. They either did it because they beleived that they had the proper vision and credentials for the job, or because they like power and prestege (probably a combination of both.) Most congressmen are wealthy from their careers prior to office anyway.

  4. Pujol says:

    Thats why not paying Congress well or refusing them a pension could create a monopoly man “oligarchy”


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