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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything out of the Denney & The Jets camp, but it seems like all of a sudden they’re back in full force. Apparently, Denney’s been taking the last while to get together a new backing band [Sean Cotton on lead guitar, Paul Turek on drums, and Mr. Joey Scala on bass] and he’s also been putting together some new tunes. The bad boys will be out playing shows again soon, so get ready. Check out a little preview below.

Denney & The Jets – Pain Pills [mp3]
Denney & The Jets – DCTTBAFM [mp3]

Photo by Emily Quirk ....... Joey's the red shirted

While we’re at it, we should probably hip you cats to a new act. Joey Scala’s been cranking the bass for Daniel Pujol and Denney for close to a year now, but apparently he’s been sitting on some solo stuff of his own. There’s no myspace and not really a name or anything yet [other than Joey Scala or Joseph Scala or The Scalawag…. we just made that last one up so please don’t call him The Scalawag] but we’ve got a couple tracks for you babes to check out, featuring Pujol on drums. In all seriousness, we probably listened to “You Don’t Try” like 15 times yesterday.

Joey Scala – You Don’t Try [mp3]
Joey Scala – Beercrusher [mp3]

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