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… Or did Forrest Bride put out an LP without us even knowing about it!? We were down at Grimey’s today just hanging out and saw a Forrest Bride LP that we had no prior knowledge of. Duh, we scooped that shit [Hey, even if it’s not new, it’s new to us] And when we got it home, came to find that our fave Sebastian Speaks [Home to other locals like Deluxin’ and Paper Hats] released this gem. And it’s just that — a gem. Not sure where else you can scoop this other than Grimey’s, so go and get it!

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  1. elise says:

    my bro’s somewhat daily dose of culture…it is updated a lot more than the sebastian speaks page!!!

  2. Thanks Elise!! I remember seeing this a while ago but I guess I forgot to bookmark it. Bookmarked!

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