Photo by Bekah Cope

Photo by Bekah Cope

It’s no lie that we’ve got wet spots in our drawers for Natural Child, so it’s probably not a surprise when we say that their new cassette, Body Switchers [Infinity Cat], is some of the best rock and rolling shit to come out of Nashy in a while. That is, if you like rock and roll. If you don’t, maybe we should direct your attention this way [bebe had to wear butt-pads in high school, true story] Anyways, the cassette features 7 new songs [kind of just 6] that prove that Natural Child are more than just another scrappy group to rise from the mean streets. They’re a real rock band. One that can’t help but shell out riffs and put on a great show. That might be the thing that brings this new record full-circle: the way they translate to the live show. We can’t remember the last time we saw a band who was more stoked to play their songs than Natural Child, and they do it pretty effortlessly. It’s almost like it comes naturally to them. You know, like they aren’t trying to be anything, they’re just doing what they do and they can’t do anything but rock. And in a time where every band is trying to fuzz themselves to the moon and back or put everybody to sleep with their slo-fi, it’s nice to hear a band just rock, ya know?

We’re not the only ones at this point that are keeping our ears close, the boys have been written up by our fave-babe PopJew, featured on the WFMU blog, stolen the hearts of towns all across the northeast, and have got some big things lined up [including hitting up Todd P’s Monterrey festival after SXSW and doing a little Black Lip time in Memphis this April]

There’s a Body Switchers release show at The Springwater this weekend [Jan. 15th] at The Springwater with Daniel Pujol, Diarrhea Planet, State Champion, and Giving Up. Go and snag the newest shit!

:: Natural Child
:::: Daniel Pujol
:::::: Diarrhea Planet
:::::::: State Champion
:::::::::: Giving Up
@ Springwater
$5 – 21+ – 9PM

And, if you still don’t have it, pick up the 7″.

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