Photo by Bekah Cope

Photo by Bekah Cope

Those Turbo boys have been working hard since they’re latest album, Echo Kid, hit the streets. They’ve been across the way to the UK, in and around Puerto Rico, touring on the reg, and now they’ve got a new 7″ coming out with Cass Records. Not to mention you can’t pick up a magazine these days without catching a review of them. Just check the most recent MOJO [The one with Dave Grohl on the front. Bleh] The release show for the 7″ has found itself on that Feb. 20th show we told you about a while ago with Surfer Blood and Cy Barkley. Should be a killer time. The single features “Colt 45” and a demo version of “Broadzilla”, we’re really hoping that the first isn’t an AfroMan cover. I can’t believe we just linked to that.

COLT 45 7″ Release Show – Feb. 20th
:: Turbo Fruits
:::: Surfer Blood
:::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::: Holiday Shores
@ The End
$5 – 18+ – 9PM

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