First of all, none of you should be reading this post till at least 2pm, because it’s a snow day. “Big deal,” one might say, “I haven’t had an algebra quiz in years.” Well geezer, it is a big fucking deal, as I go to a non metro school and haven’t had a snow day since the fifth grade. Anyways, there’s some grrreat shows happening this weekend, and we want you to know about it.

pretend this poster is bigger

pretend this flyer is bigger

O’Pioneers holds a special place in my heart. When I was a young child of fifteen, my good buddies from Gnarwhal took me to a new venue called the Meemaw House, where I saw Marj! [Ryan Davidson drooled on my face], and Wes’s pre-Meemaw band Cowboy Dynamite [which we agreed was a terrible name for a not terrible band]. I had to leave before Meemaw played [fuck you mom] [edit: sorry mom], but I was able to catch a couple songs from a band called O’Pioneers. Now, I really should remember what they sound like because this show happened last week, but my memory has dissolved into the mists of time, so decide for yourselves.

Today (Friday) January 8
::::::Till Plains
::::::::Bad Cop
@ The Secret Spot (919 Glendale Lane)
$?? – All Ages – 8PM


Everyone at Nashville’s Dead would like to say something before we get on with the show: this poster is the bee’s knees. It’s fucking awesome. It’s like if an 80’s hardcore kid took more than thirty seconds to make a flyer after watching too many David Lynch films. We love it so hard.

‘Enuff of that tangent. MLU is one of the most under-reported and underrated bands in Nashville right now, and any chance to see them is a blessing from Christ himself [because Jesus was totally into noise, it says so in Corinthians]. They’re bringing up some really good bands from florida right now, and anybody who enjoyed that January 2nd show [Failures, Aerosols, Salvation, etc….. pics coming soon] would enjoy this one. Nazi Dust and Slavescene will totally wreck your shit.

Saturday January 9
:: MLU
::::::Nazi Dust
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 9PM

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