So, duh, it is hard to post on this thing from the road. I mean… wake up, take my vitamins, put my smelly clothes back on, and sit in the car for 5 hours, then party for another 5. And when those things happen, it means that posting goes down a pretty significant amount. BUT! I’ve got access right now to just go ahead and talk about some good things coming up soon….


Baby baby baybeeeez just put up their video for “The Tropics” [one of the 9 singles on Heavy Days… seriously, that shit is like a Greatest Hits] It features lots of our fave local rockers just hanging and rasslin’ and gettin’ dirty. Check it out below. The boys did a guest DJ set on WRVU and mentioned a something that made us change our pants: 1. A possible [pretty probable] split to come soon with Ty Segall. Yeah ya-yuh.

JEFF the Brotherhood – The Tropics from Brooklyn Vegan on Vimeo.


Yeah, we posted about this yesterday, but we’ve been so stoked for the last two weeks and have had our lips stapled shut about it, so excuse us for talking about it everyday until it happens [and probably a few days after it happens] Anyways, Mr. Shreditorial, Daniel Pujol, has promised a press release regarding the show to come soon. You’ll get it as soon as we do. And you know, just for technicality’s sake, it’ll have been 343 days since the last Meemaw show. Are we allowed to get this stoked for a reunion of a band who’s been broken up less than a year? DUH.


The dream team creamers posted earlier that they’re going to be recording their first full-length this week. It won’t come out until spring/summer time, but that’s what? Like, 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 months away? We couldn’t be more stoked. Our needles have already worn through like 3 copies of the 7″, but whatever. Hopefully we’ll have a for-sure tracklisting later this week. We know all the songs that are going to be on there, just not the order yet. You know, gotta be pros about this shit.


Tonight with Mattress and Looks Like a Snake! and everyone
The 7th at The End with Heavy Cream and Deluxin’ and some others
The 9th at Little Hamilton with Slave Scene and Nazi Dust [If you enjoyed that Frustrations/Aerosols/Salvation show, you NEED to go to this. Speaking of that show, we’ll have photos from OUR photographer Bekah Cope along with some words soon]

That’s it for now, hopefully this place doesn’t explode to any bigger of a shitbomb than it already is. SEE YOU AT THE SHOWS!

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