Alright, let’s talk about some New Year’s shows….

New Year’s Eve at Little Hamilton:
The LHC are going balls out this year for NYE. 12 bands. Not joking. The show features a gaggle of Tampa bands and some of your favorite locals [Craow, Marj!, Gnarwhal, The Looking Glass] Here’s the full bill and a little link where you can check out some of the bands… This show’ll run you $5, and, as always, it’ll be all ages for da keeds.

:: Moondust Plus
:::: s2k
:::::: Ant parade
:::::::: Haves+thirds
:::::::::: Jeff Zagers
:::::::::::: Solid Susan
::::::::::::: Father Finger
::::::::::::::: MARJ!
::::::::::::::::: Spelling Bee
::::::::::::::::::: Craow
::::::::::::::::::::: Gnarwhal
:::::::::::::::::::::: The Looking Glass
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 7PM

New Year’s Eve at The End:
It wouldn’t be New Year’s unless there were a rad show at The End, right? Right. We’ve heard a little of what the boys have planned for the show this year, and it sounds like it could be a doozy [no snoozy] Plus, we haven’t seen Wizardz in probably over a year. This one will also run you 5 bones, unless you’re a lady [then it’s free] Ch ch ch ch ch ch check it out!

:: Wizardz
:::: Natural Child
:::::: Daniel Pujol
:::::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::::: So Jazzy
::::::::::: Bad Cop
@ The End
$5 for dudes $FREE for goils – 18+ – 9PM

New Year’s Eve at Betty’s B&G:
This one might be hook line and sinker for us. It’s free. It’s at Betty’s. It’s got a killer bill. Just look…

:: Paper Hats
:::: Scott Martin [solo performance]
:::::: Deluxin’
:::::::: Forrest Bride
:::::::::: Slave Band
::::::::::: 84001
::::::::::::: Moonstone
@ Betty’s B&G
$FREE – 21+ – 10PM

See you at the New Year’s party, Richter!

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  1. tim says:

    also lots of noise at little hamilton on 12/30

    boar, swim ignorant fire and sobou shuu from dubuque iowa
    84001 also plays.


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