Today, we bring to you, a list from one of our favorite new local bands, Natural Child. We’re lucky to be able to call them local; and, I mean, even if they weren’t local, we’d probably be all about them anyways. Not gonna lie here, I’m pretty sure I’ve been to every Natural Child show [even the out of town ones] and I think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re one of the most promising bands in Nashville. And some of the best all-around dudes in this city. The Infinity Cat Showcase during NBN was our favorite show we attended this year, and one of our favorite memories was watching Natural Child take the stage and absolutely destroy it.

In the first post we ever made on this site, we said this about Natural Child:

“… and if you haven’t seen Natural Child yet you are really missing out. We’re more excited about them than we have been about anything in Nashville for the last while.”

That still holds true to today. Keep up the good work Natural Child.

Natural Child // Infinity Cat Showcase NBN // Photo by Bekah Cope

Natural Child // Infinity Cat Showcase NBN // Photo by Bekah Cope


10. “Cheech and Chong- CHONGED”

This movie was made in 1992. Cheech is only in the first 5 minutes. They get in a huge fight, Cheech quits weed and moves to Miami to become a cop. The rest of the movie is about Chong settling down and getting a real job.

9. “Cheech and Chong Dont Save Christmas”

This movie is great because Cheech and Chong smoke the Christmas tree and get so stoned they forget its Christmas Eve. Then JoNasty comes down the chimney and smokes ’em out with a volcano. Craig from detroit is there. Wes and Zack are there.

8. “Cheech and Chong Nunshucks”

A Bruce Lee movie comes on TV. Rest of movie is Cheech and Chong fighting the TV. Filmed like real martial arts movie. Noone speaks English. No Subtitles. Their brief foray into Martial Arts Cinema is brilliant. Ebert says “Its just like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Steven Segall…I cant tell the difference!”

7. “Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie”

We didn’t see this this one, but we’re really excited! I heard they’re remaking it for 2010. DMX will star opposite John Leguizamo.

6. “Cheech and Chong in Africa”

The title is misleading, because this movie takes place in Jamaica.

5. “Cheech and Chong Jamaican Me Crazy”

“Jamaican me Crazy!” is probably the most spoken line in the movie.

4. “Cheech and Chong Trick or Treat”

Our wacky heroes become the governers of California. It is filmed like a documentary and all the scenes are serious drama.

3. “Nash Bridges”

Where the fuck is Chong? It’s one of our favorites.

2. “Cheech and Chong and Charles”

Cheech and Chong mistakenly befriend Charles Manson. Spend most of movie listening to him talk and helping him cover up his murders at the crime scenes. End up solving mystery. Cameos by Charles Barkley, Charles Bronson, and Charles Sheen, and Charles Barkley, and Charles Bukowski, Charles Chaplin, Ray Charles, Prince Charles, Charles Brown, and Chucky.

1. “Pinned”

Cheech and Chong star in this epic drama about two homosexual journalists. One is a Journalist. One is a poet. They’re imprisoned in Cuba and must overcome their stereotypes and there’s no weed. Chong dies. Cheech marries a woman in prison. They never get out. Narrated and directed by Morgan Freeman. Look out for hottie tottie Sean Penn’s first role as the only cool prison guard.

Thanks guys. Natural Child have a killer-no-filler 7″ out on Infinity Cat. Pick it up here. They’ve also got a new cassette coming out soon and it’s wild [We heard it the other day and can’t wait to get our hands on a copy] And, if you wanna catch the boys one more time before they head out in the new year for a little bit… catch them at The End on New Year’s Eve.

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