Listmas is winding down quick! We’ve only got like, 5 days left? We’re packing gold for the last 5 though, so don’t worry. Today’s list comes from our bebe grrrl up in BK, PopJew. Such a sweetheart. We spent some time chatting in the flesh and blood during CMJ this past year and showed her the light that is Natural Child. For her list, she decided to straighten everyone out on who the babiest babes in rock and roll are right now. We gotta say, she’s got some pretty quality taste. I mean, we’ve talked about lots of these bands on the reg over here, and we couldn’t be more stoked to help them be the next boy toy in your life. Oh! And to help you get dirty in your head, PopJew even included some photos for her list. You can always spot the good bloggers.

10 Cutest Boys in Rock ‘n Roll!

As you all should know by now, the PopJew blog has become your one stop shop for the cutest boyz in the best bandz. Hey, I can’t help it if I have a deep appreciation for a good hottie. Well, in an attempt to be cool like People Magazine, my X-mas present to you is a run down of the cutest boyz in Rock ‘n Roll today… boys not in Rock ‘n Roll just aren’t cute, in the words of the brilliant poet Hunx: “You don’t like rock ‘n roll and I don’t like you!” Anyway, without further delay, here are PopJew’s most smoochable punxxxx:

10. Ian from Pop. 1280

Ian, the guitarist in new band Pop. 1280 has the floppiest hair around, and if he gets drunk, he won’t be able to stop hugging you! What

9. Max from Smith Westerns

Max is the youngest cutie that made this list, but you know, I believe the children are our future… the future of hotness. Max is the cutest bro in SDubbz cuz he’s rocking the white boy fro, which is the least Disney Channel haircut in the whole band.

8. Matt Ducktails

There is no bigger turnon than a boy with a bunch of pedals. Matt, who is from Ridgewood, NJ, is a first-rate hottie, whether he’s flying solo in Ducktails or rocking out in Real Estate.

7. Aaron Lefkove from Liquor Store

Any cute boyz list would not be complete without at least one Jewish boy. Aaron Lefkove has not only been in several awesome bands (LiveFastDie anyone?), he’s also a food blogger. He’s the kind of bespectacled cutie you just want to make out with on a footbridge after Shabbat services at sleepaway camp.

6. All of Natural Child

Seriously, just look at them. So hott.

5. Brian from Brian’s Dirty Business

Brian, the mind behind Brian’s Dirty Business, is a bit Blankdoggian in the way he doesn’t like to post pictures of himself on the internet, but I can’t think of why because he is so dreamy. Word is he dates that chick from Circuit Des Yeux/Cro Magnon. She’s a lucky lady!

4. Kevin from Tyvek

There is no denying that Tyvek is one of the best bands in the world right now. Everything they do makes me smile, this is partially due to the runaway nerdy cuteness of front man Kevin. Detroit is hottie city.

3. All of Thomas Function

Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is better than a Southern boy. That’s why I love Thomas Function. All of them. Twangy tunes and cute bods. Just enough beards to be interesting, not so many beards as to seem like bums. Pretty much the cutest full band ever. Makes me want to move to Alabama. See you at Talladega y’all!

2. Mark from The Sleaze


Mark, guitar player in the Sleaze, is a baby faced cutie from Minneapolis. If you’re into glasses and grins, Mark’s your man.

1. Julian Lynch


As a hottie, Julian Lynch is a definite grower. At first he seems friendly and unassuming, it isn’t until you really see him play music, several times, that you will realize that he is the world’s ultimate cutie. I’ve seen him live, and I’ve seen him twice over the INTERNET, and seriously, even over a projector, he will melt your cold black heart and make you swoon all over yourself. Julian Lynch: number one hottie of 2k9

In conclusion, hey boyz, call me!



Grrrrrrrrrl, you are the best. Hope your Hanukah ruled. You should check out Nashville’s premiere Jewish folk band, Larry David & The Hipsters, you’d love them.

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